Getting A Christmas Tree

Hi all
Last week I went with my family to get a Christmas tree! I really love this time of year, I love spending time with family, friends and the feeling of being warm and cosy. Every year we all go together to pick a christmas tree from the same farm. We also pick a new tree decoration. Here I have collected some pictures from the day and of our tree, I hope that this puts you in the festive mood!

Here is a giant inflatable Santa!

And a Poler bear on a Thrown!

I also met reindeer (they do not like to keep still for a photo!)

We then looked through a lot of trees! 

After finding to the tree we went for hot chocolate and cake to celebrate!

And finally we got the tree home and decorated it here is a picture of the finished tree it's completely full of decorations and I love it! 

Do you celebrate christmas, if so do you get a fake real or tree and what's your favourite tree decoration, let me know in the comments? Hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget subscribe so you never miss a post! See you next week bye for now!


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