A list of things that me smile!

Hi all, 
Hope your having a good week so far, this post is going to be fairly short because I have a textiles deadline I am trying to meet, so I don't have much time. Today I decided to a post on ten things make me smile!  

1) My Family 
2) My Dog 
3) My Best Friend
4) Writing this blog 
5) Reading blogs 
6) Sewing
7) Walking my dog 
8) My little cousins 
9) Pink
10) Fabulous Han's videos Click Here
11) Zoella's vidios Click Here
13) Shopping 
14) Chocolate 
15) Walking my dog 
16) Baking 
17) zinnia flowers
18) copper colour 
19) Miniture dachshund  
20)Oliver Bonas

Thank-you for reading hope you enjoyed! What is something that makes you smile?
Bye for now see you next week!


  1. That's a great list! I love my dog and taking her for walks too. Although sometimes it feels more like she's walking me :) Chocolate is also a big favorite of mine ;) Good luck with your deadline!


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